Container Stacking Arcade Game

Get ready to violate every known Health & Safety Law!

Don’t let them fall or it’s game over for you pal!

STACK huge containers ON A SHIP

Stack as many containers as you can by controlling the timing of the crane as you position them “carefully” onto the ship. As soon as you drop your container, another one appears ready to drop. How many and how quick you drop them is up to your skill level.

trigger FLAMING combos

Line up the dropped containers to trigger perfect drops, indicated by shiny stars. The more perfect your drops the more $$$ you earn.

Trigger flaming combos to earn even more $$$!

Keep stacking to build the flammmming combos!

EARN $$$ and rise to the skies

Drop containers as high as you can without letting them fall over. Climb higher than the clouds and pierce the heavens into the depths of space. What’s up there? How high does it go?!

Just be careful, it can all come crashing down with a huge bang at any moment!

Gameplay Screenshots