About Me

Who am I?

Meet ElGatoPanzon, the big bellied cat!

Meow, meow! The cat’s out the bag! Just kidding, I’m not really a cat.

Web Developer turned Game Dev

To improve my programming skills to be able to create my own games I turned to website development.

Many years past and now I am finally on the path of putting those skills to use being an Indie Game Creator

Newly Minted Digital Artist & Pixel Artist

I always felt that art and graphics were my weakest subject. Until recently, when my passion and drive to become an Indie Game Creator pushed me to try my hand at Digital Art and Pixel Art. Turns out, I’m not half bad!

Guitar Player & Electronic Music Producer

At a young age I decided to teach myself how to play the guitar, and soon after taught myself the basics of piano. More recently I’m learning electronic music production and 8-bit/16-bit music composition to add to my skill set as an Indie Game Creator

Linux Sysadmin & DevOps Engineer

Working with websites ended up teaching me a lot of other skills, such as how to administer Linux servers and perform maintenance and operational activities required to develop and deploy the websites I built. I’m using these skills to create this website and maintain all the other web services!

My Dream

Ever since I discovered that I had a passion for creating, I have been working hard to improve my skill set in multiple areas. This was for the sake of my ultimate dream of making my own video games.

Over the years I’ve played many different games and created numerous nostalgic memories, each one fuelling my motivation.

The type of games I am most fond of are JRPGs with intricate stories and deep gameplay mechanics, among many other types of classic games and genres. All of the games I played and hold high serve as the basis for my inspirations and the ideas I have amassed.

My goal is to realise those ideas by turning them into real games and sharing them with the world, and hope that people enjoy them and create great memories of their own!

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